what’s your mindset?

The Empire Builder

“I’m focused on growth. Whether that’s organic or M&A. My goal is to scale this organization.”

The Ops Guardian

“My goal is to reduce complexity and increase profitability by creating processes for efficiency, automation and accountability.”

The Culture Keeper

“My focus is on our people. I believe continuous learning, leveraging of their wisdom, and alignment of culture is critical.”

The Thought Leader

“I’ve got IP and I am focused on monetizing it to a community that needs what I know.”

The Empire Builder

If your mindset is focused on growth, we’re here for you.
PlaybookBuilder enables smart organizations to capture and leverage their company wisdom to improve the following:

1. Grow top line by training your people on a consistent and proven sales system; those processes and best practices of your top people.

2. Seamlessly merge or acquire new businesses and onboard their teams and clients with minimal noise.

3. Attract and retain talent with an advanced training and onboarding solution that is cost effective, video-based and measurable

4. Retain the best practices of your senior leadership and subject-matter experts to always remain in control of your IP assets.

5. Increase business valuation by operationalizing core processes.

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The Ops Guardian

If your mindset is focused on operational efficiency, automation, and accountability, you’ll love PlaybookBuilder. Our solution was built to enhance and improve company performance.

1. Increase profitability by streamlining processes, identifying and removing roadblocks and enhancing learning.

2. Operationalizing labor-intensive areas of the organization to reduce labor units or optimize them.

3. Improve training without incurring recurring costs.

4. Reduce waste, errors, and increase speed.

5. Activate a culture of accountability and management controls.

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The Culture Keeper

If your mindset is focused on people, culture, and how to protect what’s great about your organization, you will absolutely love PlaybookBuilder. Our entire framework is built on the idea of validating, and maximizing the potential of your workforce:

1. Create a company campfire where the company heritage, values, mission and vision can come to life with video.

2. Improve training, accelerate onboarding, and increase morale with a consistent approach.

3. Create learning supports that meet your team where they are and when they need them with mobile access, QR codes, and on-demand learning that can be measured with quizzes and rich reporting.

4. Validate your people and their contribution by capturing their best practices and knowledge and turning it into training.

5. Protect the company from the loss of key people by harvesting and harnessing their wisdom.

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The Thought Leader

You’ve accomplished a great deal. You’ve gathered a career’s worth of wisdom and know how to be successful. Now it’s time to monetize your IP. PlaybookBuilder helps Thought Leaders like you turn their wisdom into revenue.

1. House your tools, training, and best-practices videos on an expandable, multimedia learning platform.

2. Protect your wisdom inside a password-protected software where you can restrict or allow access, run reports on usage, and automate your communication.

3. Simplify and streamline the creation and delivery of your content to a entire community of paying customers.

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Playbook Builder™

With PlaybookBuilder™ companies capture, organize and share sales, systems and operations training with their teams, their clients, or partners on any device, anywhere, anytime.