We’ll do the work for you. Every business leader knows that it’s important to document an organization’s systems, but very few take the time to do it. We know that you have enough on your plate already, and that documenting systems remains a good intention, or a project that you’ll “get to”. Make this the year it gets done. Below are two ways we can help.

the onsite advantage: total systems capture

Our Playbook Builder Services Team comes to you. We partner with you and your team to quickly and effectively organize your key systems and populate your company’s Playbook. In a matter of days, your internal wisdom becomes a system, an asset accessible to others within your company, increasing scalability, security, and sell-ability.


1. The Plan

In step one, our Playbook Services Team will help you plan over the phone. Based on your goals, we will help you to identify the best Playbook to populate first, the processes within it, and the steps within one process.


2. The Team

We will host a preparation call with your team members, introducing Playbook Builder and the part it plays in achieving your business goals. Each team member will receive an agenda and key preparation tools, prior to our visit, insuring that our time together is efficient, productive, and that we have the team’s support.


3. The Build

Step three consists of three parts:
• Onsite – our team visits your office to capture process steps, videos, documents, and any other resources necessary to populate your Playbook.
• Build – We then build your Playbook, populating the steps within your process.
• Train – Our team trains your team. We’ll work directly with your appointed “Playbook Manager” to orient, teach, and train
                                     that key team member, so that you can continue to capture and leverage the wisdom within your systems, autonomously.


4. The Resources

Playbook Builder provides ongoing support throughout your business’ life cycle. As you grow and scale, or when you consider business succession, our organization will continue to guide you with the latest applications, advice, and resources.

the quick start: rapid deployment approach

The Quick Start offering is focused on getting your Playbook up and running. Our Playbook Services Team will walk you through our Playbook Builder™ Start-Up Kit, a series of simple tools for identifying your company’s first Playbook, the processes within it, and the steps within one of your processes.

Introduction Call

1. Introduction Call

During our Introduction Call, a Playbook Services Team member will walk you through the purpose, structure, and application of Playbook Builder. They will also help you to identify the steps within the first process you’d like to populate within your Playbook Builder.

Start-Up Kit

2. Playbook Builder Start-Up Kit

Our team will email you a Playbook Builder Start-Up Kit, a simple system for organizing your process and the steps within it, including documents, videos, and web links. You will also receive a USB drive, prepopulated with folders for gathering your Playbook material. The USB drive and select tools will be returned to our Playbook Builder Services team within 30 days, for upload.


3. Upload

Our team uploads up to 30 steps within a single process, utilizing the material from your Start-Up Kit and your USB drive.


4. Training

Our team will train a point person on your team, a “Playbook Manager,” how to edit your Playbook, create new processes, manage administrative control, upload videos and documents, etc. Our goal is to get you up and running so you and your team can build and manage your Playbook, autonomously.

  • Is Playbook a Website that I have to manage?

    No. Playbook is a cloud-software so all the administration and management is handled by us. You’ll have an account that you can access your Playbook whenever and wherever you want.

  • Is Playbook hard to set up?

    No. Playbook Wizard helps you all the way with simple steps and prompts. You can add a video, tool or step or set up a new Playbook with the click of a button.

  • Is Playbook just a place to house files in the cloud?

    No. Playbook is really a powerful e-learning platform that will help you organize your systems into processes, procedures, tools and videos and share them with different levels of users.

  • Can I change our Playbook once it’s set up?

    Absolutely. We designed Playbook to allow for improvements and changes in systems so that your Playbook could grow with you. Once you publish your Playbook you can continue editing it.

  • Can I have a link for our Playbook to hang off our website?

    Yes. You will have the ability to pass people directly to the customized login page for your secure Playbook.

  • Can anyone see my Playbook?

    No. Only users you invite can gain access to this information by using a unique login and password that they set up after you invite them.

  • Can I just use Playbook internally?

    Absolutely. Many of our users capture systems and house them inside their Playbook to train new team members, improve operations and protect the organization in the event a key team member leaves.

  • If we have multiple processes, can we set who on our team sees which Playbook process?

    Yes. Sometimes you will have systems that are neither useful nor appropriate for some employees. You have the ability to set access per user with Playbook.