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Unlock the power of your experience, insight and knowledge like never before. Online. Secure. Accessible. With Playbook you can capture, organize and share sales, systems and operations training videos with your team, your clients or your licensees on any device, anywhere, anytime.

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simple. easy. incredibly smart.

Playbook is designed to house all the back-office and client-facing systems your organization has in it. It's easy to set up. It's easy to edit. It's easy to share. And because we know how dynamic your world can be, Playbook is incredibly easy to expand to accommodate your changing needs.

playbook transforms intellectual property into intellectual capital.

No matter what your business type, needs or level of experience, Playbook can support your demands. From the business owner looking to document operations of key team members to the professional trainer looking to sell access to their content, Playbook is built to do one thing, teach.

  • for Sales Organizations
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If you build it,
they will learn.

Getting started with Playbook is a simple and quick process. In less than three minutes and with just a few steps you'll have your first process set up and running. Playbook is easy to use, fast to set up and designed to teach others through multiple learning styles.

If a picture's worth a 1,000 words, what's a video worth?

With advances in video compression technology, Playbook can house an entire library of streaming training videos to enhance your program. And with our One-Step video window, you can prep, film and save a training film to your Playbook with the click of a mouse.

Share what you want with whomever you want.

Do you have different team members with different levels of access? Not a problem.

Playbook is designed to allow administrators to set access to different processes for different users. You can train sales, administrative, back-office, operations and finance on the same Playbook without any team member gaining access where you don't want them.

Capture wisdom with a toolset for the mind.

With a proprietary library of advanced tools, best practices and support, Playbook will accelerate the development of your growth. We've collected a proven set of forms, templates, outlines and examples to help you capture, document and organize as much information inside your heads as you can get your hands on.

Make your Playbook feel like home. Or at least your homepage.

Color, logo, font choices. Make your Playbook feel like your own internal resource with our simple customization set up. You can share your Playbook with your team, clients, affiliates or licensees and they will experience it as an extension of your online presence.

Mobile. Portable. Ready for what the world throws at you.

Let's face it. Everything has changed. How, where and when we access information has transformed our world and will continue to evolve. Playbook is ready. We're mobile, iPad and Android enabled to support your entire team ramp-up no matter where they are or how fast they're moving.

Every mountain has its Sherpa.

If you need support we're here for you. Our dedicated teams of professional systems techs will come onsite to your location to seamlessly harvest, document and package a single system or an entire organization. It's up to you. Pricing packages are offered.

The future is here.
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Getting started with Playbook is easy, it's fast and now it's free! Get started now with our free trial offer to experience the incredible freedom that comes from capturing your greatest asset.