entrepreneurs across the u.s. and canada are leveraging their wisdom.

  • Playbook Builder has allowed me to do other things – for me, it means taking my Fridays off from work and spending them with my family. For my staff, it has improved efficiency and helped us do more with fewer people. It’s increased net cash flow, impacting everyone’s bottom line.

    john enright, creator of the custom wealth architect & the seven figure advisor

  • By leveraging Playbook Builder to automate staff training, I’m focusing on more strategic work rather than on the tactical “stuff” that used to take up so much of my time.

    riley uglum, founder of eye care associates, promethean ventures, the national wellness alliance, and author of the e-myth optometrist

  • Playbook Builder allowed us to quickly roll-out new concepts and techniques to members across the nation, efficiently. Our annual training sessions became much more beneficial because all the information shared was then available on the Playbook, accessible by our members at any time.

    scott chakan, former coo of usa tax & insurance services