Feature Update: User Privileges

January 28th, 2016 • playbookFeature Updates

We have another exciting feature update we’re announcing today: user privileges.

This may not sound that exciting, but for our clients with multiple users on their Playbook, they will know immediately what a great new functionality this is.

We used to provide full access to all Playbooks for all users. Because of great client feedback, however, we began to see that when a client has information in their Playbook that isn’t appropriate for the entire team, there wasn’t much for them to do but create a new Playbook. Not good.

So what we created is a function that enables customizable access to each separate Playbook when they are invited. Additionally, we’ve preserved the “Administrative Control” function right below the setting for access. See below:

Feature Update:  User Privileges

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Arm Your People with a Competitive Advantage

January 9th, 2016 • playbookPlaybook Insights

Arm Your People With A Competitive Advantage

It’s brutal out there. Competition is increasing and the rules of the game are changing. It’s a grim prospect to have the responsibility to stay the course as the leader of your company when you know that the chances for survival are getting slim. But you can do it.

The best asset you have for a competitive advantage might be underutilized and this blog will help you to remember that and take full advantage of it.

People make your business go. You might have great services and products but it’s you and your people that turn the crank. They get things done, talk with clients, convert leads, solve problems and take on the grueling day to day work necessary to keep your boat afloat. But without your wisdom, you’ve left them without a core resource that might dramatically impact their success.

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Feature Update: Flowchart

December 21st, 2015 • playbookFeature Updates

Today we’re announcing an exciting new update to Playbook Builder™’s process function – flowcharts. It’s always been our aim to provide a visual map function of a process for our clients who prefer the quick “fly-by” visual to the details.

Now with Playbook Builder™, you can build a simple, complete flowchart with drag and drop functionality.

Feature Update:  Flowchart

Here’s what makes it a great addition:

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Your Wisdom is a Product

September 22nd, 2015 • playbookPlaybook Insights

Your Wisdom Is A Product

The clients we serve are the top producers in their respective industries – Financial Advisors, Attorneys, Insurance Advisors, CPAs, Engineers and Doctors. Because of this they are often asked to teach or train juniors and are placed into the role of mentors by those around them.

Some of them have turned this opportunity into an additional revenue stream.

If you consider your industry and how many are in it that are truly struggling then you can easily see the opportunity to build a secondary revenue stream selling, licensing or even just renting your wisdom to your former competitors.

So how to do it?

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Feature Update: On-Board Video Recorder

February 18th, 2015 • playbookFeature Updates

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new video recorder feature on Playbook Builder™! It’s been our aim since the beginning to incorporate an on-board recorder to help our users create fast and simple videos as a third option. We’re thrilled with the results and think you will be, too!

On-Board Video Recorder

Here’s why:

It’s so easy to use: The click button interface is totally intuitive and makes video recording a snap. Now Playbook Builder™ can include a simple and personalized video as a landing page or step explainer without admins having to go and embed a video each time.

It has a teleprompter text box: One of the things that happens when trying to leave a video is that we sometimes forget the points we’re trying to cover. Well, our video feature includes this snazzy little text box that allows you to drop in a few bullet points so you don’t have to worry about (a) forgetting your thoughts and (b) looking down or away from the camera to see your notes.

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